Things to remember when placing your order.


Neck Down                                                                                Neck Up

For Helium filled or air filled and placed on                             For balloons that are air filled and

balloon cups and sticks work best.                                          hung around a room or displayed

The print should be positioned above the                               in a bunch, the print should be

neck                                                                                             positioned underneath the neck

This is classed as Neck down                                                  This is classed as Neck up



Combinations of these print directions can be ordered and packed to suit your needs.

 Ink Colours

When selecting ink colour/s for printing it is an important to ensure there is enough contrast between the balloon colour and the ink colour to achieve a successful end result. Your consultant will be able to advise you on the most effective ink colour/s for your balloon choice, giving optimal contrast and the best print possible.
If you have a specific ink colour requirements, we can approximate most PMS colours.*

*Ink colour matching is approximate only. Ink colours tend to become progressively lighter as the balloon is inflated. The colour of the balloon will also affect the ink colour. PMS colours are best representation of actual colours with minor differences due to print variations

Multi-Colour Screen Printing

All art must have a 3-5mm gap between ink colours when multi-colour screen printing, this is due to movement that occurs between each ink colour printing. The balloons are inflated when printing, it prints the first colour and moves to another position to print the second colour - due to the movement that occurs when changing positions this second colour may move up , down, left or right of up to 5mm.

This will cause gapping and/or overlapping when it is not required

Proofs & Sign off

You will receive an email proof of the final artwork for you to approve and sign off. Production will not commence until the client has signed off the artwork and it is returned to us, to ensure that the artwork printed is to your satisfaction

Balloon Accessories

Balloon accessories are an important part to consider for any custom print job. By simply taking a few minutes to consider your needs and options you will save yourself time, money and the stress of leaving these decision to the last minute. Most importantly you will ensure that your balloons are displays at their full potential for maximum impact.
See Balloon Accessories Page for more information or contact your consultant.