Custom printed balloons from Balloons Works.

Printed latex balloons add a personalized touch to any occasion or event.

Balloon Works are based in Auckland, New Zealand and features great helium quality custom printed balloons. The balloons that we use are known for their quality, consistency, reliability and elegance -- available in several sizes and various printing options.

Balloons + Logo = Attention 

Why should I use Balloons for my promotion?
Balloons demand your attention, and printed balloons are one of the most effective vehicles for getting your message across - and that’s why they are so popular! For indoor and outdoor displays they add colour and appeal, whether you choose air filled for convenience or helium filled for movement, balloons add life to any promotion.
Custom printed latex and mylar foil balloons are available in a wide range of colours and can be printed on either one or two sides...we even offer multi coloured screen printing on one side or both.
Minimum order 100

There isn’t a better way to display your message than on a printed balloon, add colourful

balloon sticks and cups or curling ribbon to create an exciting display for trade shows, exhibitions
and shopping centres. Make simple yet effective displays quickly by using balloon inflators and
pre-cut ribbons and seals or sticks and cups.

We are able to assist with supplying everything needed for your next promotion. - CHECK OUT OUR ACCESSORIES PAGE